A Slow but Steady Transition into Living the Life I Love


When it’s your time…. It is one thing to be unaware it is your time; it is another to recognize and live in it.

As I sit here in this hotel room in Daytona Beach, Florida, I sit full of joy, gratitude, and thanks. I am so blessed to have every individual in my life sharing in my own success both near and far. God has a way of turning things around in a way you could never have imagined. I am so blessed and grateful for every single person who has supported, helped and contributed in any way to help me through my highest of times and kept me encouraged during those low times in life.

I finally can honestly say, that I feel like I have committed to making a decision and I DECIDED this life for myself. I am not living on the terms of others; instead, I am working and moving towards doing that which I feel God is drawing me to do. It’s actually much easier than I ever expected. It’s a time of my life where I feel like I am literally living a dream. I could have never imagined this life for myself. I have a boyfriend “MG” who loves me.

Who supports me?

A family who trusts my decisions while providing support in more ways than I could ever have imagined, people who love me at every turn and want to see me win. To see my dreams become my reality is what continues to drive me. As of Monday, I have landed my remote dream opportunity that will allow me to see the world from an entirely different scope. To create travel experiences that I could have never dreamed of! I am now beginning to prepare for this life transition to a more remote lifestyle from that of “traditional”. I am very excited about what this will look like for me; to be able to live and take part in this new life.


Let’s say I am seeing now this will take a few months to do. I plan to financially prepare by getting things paid off for the most part and set up so that I can really profit from this opportunity. I will then in the process work on getting things ready as I move into ensuring all things are in order.





It took me 10 years to get here. This ten-year mark has been a trial, to say the least. Survival of the fittest! I am so happy that I have made it. It feels like a huge accomplishment. I am so humbled and thankful for my experience. May this new season and chapter of my life bring much success and new experiences. As I prepare for my new opportunity and transitioning my life into one of world exploration, I do so with much excitement and happiness.

I am learning to trust less what my eyes can see and more of that which I can’t. Somehow internally I know things will work out as they should. It’s a matter of belief. 2018 has been that year for me to say the least. I am happy about my current relationship and mending of broken ones working through hardships and creation of new experiences beyond those I ever thought would be possible. I am proud of me. As life continues I work with excitement – in a new way. I am stretching myself personally and professionally, daily.

There’s nothing that’s impossible! So, as I conclude this entry, for the time being, challenge yourselves to go beyond which you know. Push yourself to think and believe beyond that you see before you.

Life now begins…

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