A Work in Progress… Everyday Live & Learn

Great things are coming soon; you can be certain of it! Sometimes, it definitely doesn’t seem that way and that’s because we can’t always see around the corners in our lives. But the important part of any journey is to keep pushing forward as that’s the only way you’ll get ahead.


For me, I’ll tell you how I know. When I look back, I know for sure that I am definitely not the woman I was ten years ago, or even five. But even now, I know I’m still a work in progress—everyday I live, I learn. So trust me when I say I understand how you feel. Maybe you’re not where you thought you should have been by this age, or maybe you’ve not achieved all the goals you set for yourself. But detours and delays are part of life’s journey, and you have to accept them with the same gusto and positive outlook as you take the successes and achievements.


Don’t start comparing yourself with others your age either; that’s bad for your health. Instead, try to chart your own course, while taking into consideration your own wishes, strengths, resources, weaknesses and opportunities. Someone else’s achievements are not a yardstick to measure yourself. Set your own goals and go for them at your own pace.


One thing you must understand is that the way life is set up, you’ll always be a work in progress. This simply means that you’re never done or ‘perfect’. Every day that you live and learn more, you get the opportunity to grow and become even better. Just remember that perfection is not the ultimate goal – you simply want to live your best life. And your best life will change at every stage of the game.


How can you be prepared for it? Open your mind to learning new things. Do your best to meet new people and talk about new, unexplored topics. Travel and spend time visiting new places or places from your past that you were never able to appreciate before. Look out for open doors of opportunity and when you see closed ones, don’t be afraid to knock. Everything you learn will contribute to the quality of life that you are able and open to living.


So, don’t worry about where you are right now too much. Focus on what’s ahead and embrace the journey. As long as you’re a work in progress, there’s so much to look forward to!


XO, Amber Christe

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