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Melanin Glow up, Spring & Summer Makeup

My signature makeup is easy and glowy: unlike during fall and winter, I enjoy experimenting with pastels and bright berry shades with a light coverage and soft highlighter. BEFORE I […]

What Does Your Spring Smell Like?

Spring…a time of fresh flowers and meadow rain. Yummy fruity scents and freshly-cut daisies plopped in a glass on your desk. Yeah, that’s what spring smells like. For the perfume […]

Three Makeup Tips to Get The ‘Fresh Face’ Look This Spring

Along with updating your wardrobe for Spring ’18, a few minor updates to your makeup stash can also go a far way in giving you that fresh face – no […]

Waxing vs. Sugaring Which one is Better?

I am particularly one who truly enjoys all things self-care. Whether that be a spa day – a day spent doing personal pampering- like hair, nails, etc… regardless of what […]

Stand Out This Summer with Neon Nails

Summer is here. ‘Tis the season of splash and spunk and spark. My love for neon and bright colors reflects in all my summer choices- be it clothes, accessories or […]

Muahz! Kiss Your Boring Lip Looks Goodbye!

Shift simple pretty lips to a jaw-dropping good lip color. Yes, this is a definitely a trend thing every woman should try! I’m obsessed with lipsticks! In fact, I’m a […]

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