Because it’s a Journey…Life update 7.24.18


As Robert Frost rightly said,

“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life – it goes on “

Well, I’m nowhere near the great leader in terms of life achievements, but that is pretty much what’s been happening during the past few months of my life. It’s been happening, and whoa, at what pace!

I know, I know- you might want to see some pictures or videos of the stuff gone by – I don’t have any! Life is more in the moments, than in pictures, I believe. Living each moment to its fullest is my philosophy of life, or at least has been- for the past few months now. There is so much to experience; honestly, being totally present in the here and now gives me much more pleasure than capturing those moments in a camera (though I do love to take that occasional shot, to keep memories). And anyways, mindfulness- being aware of the present- is the in-thing these days.


The past two months have brought in many life-altering situations my way. Each and every experience has taught me something new, helped me gain perspective and grow as a woman.  They’ve helped me learn more about myself. They’ve shown me the power of self-decision.

These experiences have been total blessings for me. It is quite different to go through your life in a flow and to actually feel the “present” and the moments that life-changing scenarios are happening to you. And I realised that I have much more control over which way I take my life than what I would allow myself to admit. This has been a breakthrough journey for me. Well, for those of you wondering what exactly happened, I shall write about it for sure–in a future post.


As important it is to understand and recognise your own strength, it is equally valuable to have an unbiased support system. I have been truly blessed regarding both. These experiences have changed me, and for the better!

  • I realized how strong and fearless I am!
  • I feel closer to my dreams now, more than ever.
  • I’m not allowing life to just “happen” to me anymore. I have taken control of the reins now to create a BOLD BOSS life for myself.
  • I’m going to invest hard in growing my ventures
  • Working hard is important, but working smart is more important. Hard work should always be balanced. I learned this necessary lesson the hard way.

With bubbling new ideas, there is so much happening and still so much more to come, stay tuned folks!


I feel life is a series of events and experiences. It is important to be secure in yourself, important to become the best version of you that you can become- rather than being a people-pleaser. People will come and go out of your life, that’s inevitable. Though as a bold boss woman, your priority should be to make sure that you are fine, happy and well. Your well-being comes first.

I’ve taken a step towards doing things on MY TERMS. Firstly, I’m doing something new with my hair-I’m colouring them, some beautiful highlights. Though I have always been a person to essentially “go against the grain” or even challenge it, it’s now time for me to really embark on a journey of my own and create this beautiful canvas which I call my life.

Work-life balance- that remains the ultimate goal for now. Till then, Cheers and keep rocking!


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