Being Bold …. and Free

I can always distinctly remember an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians where Momager and Marketer Extraordinaire, Kris Jenner, wanted to channel Miranda Priestley from The Devil Wears Prada. It was the usual Kardashian brouhaha – blonde wigs, fur coats and the over-sized designer sunglasses – but in the end, Kris Jenner was over it. And in the famous last words of any woman as she tried to remove her blonde wig, Jenner noted, ‘…being somebody else is a lot of work…’


A truer statement can hardly be found anywhere else, if you think about it. Here you are – awesomely flaw-some, but instead of loving that particular aspect of yourself, you’re there secretly wishing you had it like someone else – because you don’t like your eyebrows or your legs don’t curve the way theirs do. I’m not going to bash you for it–it’s only human to have insecurities. What you do about it, however, is the difference between you being just another insecure chick versus a Bold Boss Babe.


But first…let’s talk about why it’s so important to be Bold.


In 2012, after years of experimenting with various types of music and personalities, Caribbean queen Rihanna released her seventh album dubbed, ‘Unapologetic’. Brash, feisty, unorthodox and rebellious were just some of the top words used to describe the album – but the word I’d favor for this album is ‘Bold’.




After ditching her sweet-girl image image that was preened and prodded to perfection, we started seeing more of who Rihanna grew up to be in the music industry. More and more, she started to emerge – showing her edgier, fun-loving, sometimes downright sinister beauty side that we’ve come to understand is more her than another commercially-prepared pop star. She was unlike the others, showing raw emotion in her work, all in fierce defense of who she truly was. And look at Rihanna now – a true Bold Boss Babe, if there ever was one.


She could have been afraid of being open about who she was. Would she still be a much-loved pop icon? Would she still be liked by her fans? Would she continue to grow in the music industry if she allowed more of herself to show instead of trying to fit the tried and proven pop-star mold? Maybe not. But this is a risk she boldly took, and look how being unapologetically herself paid off?


Hands up if some of your own coins have made it into the Fenty coffers!


Now, there’s plenty to be learnt from this. Sometimes, we’re so afraid of being ourselves because we’re afraid of what we perceive to consequences or we don’t know if we’ll be rejected or disliked. Often times, we sacrifice our individuality to conform to the norms or fit in because we’re taught that being different is bad and that we have to be more like other people to be successful or worse, just to be liked and accepted.


I think it was Robert Frost that said it best: ‘Freedom lies in being bold.’

So if you’ve been afraid of standing in your own light or being true to your own self, stop sitting in the shade. What’s holding you back from being you? Is it you?  Self-acceptance is not a simple task, I myself have struggled with this. But I’ll tell you this much…once you start living boldly and unapologetically, you become free to be the boss of your own life.


What’s standing in the way of your boldness and freedom? Tell me in the comments below and let’s talk about how you can turn these obstacles into stepping stones towards living your Bold Boss Life.


XO, Amber Christe

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