Boo, Be Unapologetically… YOU

For me, much of the novelty of scrolling through Instagram these days is lost in the same-ness of everyone’s posts. So many people post such same-looking content that it might be easier to start categorizing people by the content they share on social media. Think about it – you have the Instagram Model – vital stats 32-22-48, dressed in a thin-as-skin bodysuit complete with a glossy pout that looks like it’s about to start dripping.


Then you have the ab-fab gym team, oiled to perfection and buffing in every crevice, beautifully inspiring and body-shaming simultaneously. Don’t forget the Woke Folk, Nearly-invisible Trolls, The Next Top Rapper and Fetty Wap’s Baby Mommas Club—all seemingly categories of people you can find on social media…and worse, in real life. But the question of the day is, where do you fit into the overall matrix? That is, if you even fit at all?


Now before you become alarmed and start freaking out about the fact that you might actually be a modern-day freak-show given that you don’t fit into any of these pre-defined categories of people, calm down. In case you don’t already know it, your signature differences are beautiful and your uncommon ability to stand out is extraordinary, especially in a world where people try so hard to fit in.


Ever heard the saying, ‘Be yourself, everyone else is taken’?


We’ve yet to find the lie in that one line. That being said, let’s talk about why being true to yourself and who you really are is super important in your pursuit of the Bold Boss Life. Let’s start off with some honesty. When someone asks you to tell them a bit about yourself, what do you say? Then after you answer that, think about this…is what you said true? Is it something you’re proud of? Is it the real you? Or is a you that you’ve cultivated to fit in or fit society’s standards?




In Rollo May’s book, Man’s Search for Himself, he says, ‘…the opposite of courage in our society in not cowardice, it’s conformity.’ The first time I read that, I felt like I had been socked in the stomach. Of course, I could relate because of all the times I thought I wasn’t good enough, slim enough, tall enough or just enough enough of something so I tried to be like someone who was.


Bad idea.


Being someone else is such hard work that you’ll eventually (hopefully) find that that’s time better invested in finding and nurturing yourself and who you really are. But how do you do even do that? Where would you even start. It’s simpler than it sounds.


Start making a list – what are you good at, what are you bad at, what can you improve on, what do you like about yourself, what don’t you like, which of these do you have the power to change? What makes you happy, what makes you sad, what do you enjoy doing, what do you hate doing?

The best thing about it is that you don’t have to answer to anyone about these questions except yourself. And it’s in that honesty that you find the true you. Be unapologetic and unashamed in who you truly are and you’ll leave your own authentic and original mark on the world, instead of trying to fit into someone else’s footprint.




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