Gold for Goals: Live That Boss Life


‘Boss’ or ‘BossBabe’ is one of the universally most misused and abused phrases today. Whether it’s on Instagram as a hashtag or a loud shout by some girl rolling in her own hype. Everybody wants to be a Boss, of course. Sadly, not many are willing to put in the work required.




The term ‘Boss’ usually comes with far more responsibility than people expect. For many, the ‘boss’ is the one that drives the flashiest car, buys the most expensive designer purses and has no qualms about dropping ten grand at the bar at the club on a Saturday night. But does that make you a boss? Or does that make you a slave to people’s expectations of you?


Let’s not ponder too long on questions that are easily answered. Instead, let’s talk about what being the boss of your own life actually means.


You probably do quite well in life. You went to school, got a degree, a job that pays the bills and so on. But are you growing? Are you constantly up skilling yourself and preparing for the next stage of your life? What if you lose your job tomorrow – would you still be able to be a ‘boss’? For some of you, the answer may be yes. But for others…


Now I’m not trying to be Negative Nancy. If you think you’re living the Boss Life, kudos to you! But here are some things to consider:

  1. A ‘Boss’ Looks at the Bigger Picture

Have you thought about where you’ll be in the next five…or ten years? Have you thought about what you’ll be doing? Better yet, have you started preparing yourself for the next stage in your life? As a boss, foresight is important but being prepared for the future is ultimately where it’s at.

At this point in your life, you need to start thinking about what’s next for you – what’s the next thing you’re going to learn, the next goal you’re going to pursue, the next personal target you’ll set for yourself. If you have goals and you’ve never written them down, they’re just wishes. Grab a pen and paper or even your laptop and start writing and typing your goals and the road map to achieving them.

  1. A Boss Always Prepares for the Next Stage of the Game

Seeing the bigger picture is super-important because if you don’t know where you’re headed, how are you going to know what your next step is? And yes, you won’t always stay on-track but you wouldn’t take a train that’s headed for Miami if your destination is New York, now would you? As a boss, after setting your goals, you have to chart your course and identify what you’ll need at each step on the way towards them.

  1. A Boss Stays Focused

One of the most inevitable things you’ll encounter on the journey towards your goals is distraction. This comes in so many forms that you’ll be tempted to slip off-course or even just fall by the wayside without even realizing it. That’s why checkpoints and accountability are important. On the way to your goals, set targets to keep yourself on track, and hold yourself accountable. If you fall of course, don’t play the blame game or start playing the victim. Be true to yourself and don’t be afraid to jump back on if you get side-tracked.


Ready to unleash your inner boss? Grab that pen, paper or laptop, print our FREE planners and write down your goals. Next, identify the things you’ll need to achieve those goals. Then, put some targets in there to hold yourself accountable. Finally, go out there and do it like a boss.


How are you living the Bold Boss Life? Share your own Boss experience(s) in the comments below.


XO, Amber Christe

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