Healthy & Delicious, Dine Ideas

Experimenting in the kitchen and creating masterpieces is definitely fun, but let’s be
honest…we don’t always have time to do that, especially after a long day of work,
when all we’d rather do is watch series with a bag of crisps. The good news is,
there’s definitely a way to create yummy, easy dinners full with vegetables and
healthy ingredients that will keep you going during the next day.

A personal favorite is this warm salad, which (if made correctly), has lots of taste and
texture to it. Although it takes a bit longer, it’s super easy to make and it’s very filling.
While ovenbaking the beets will add a crispy feeling to your dinner, the butternut
squash will add a nice, sweet taste – and to tie everything together, the spices make
sure that everything tastes amazing.

 Ingredients:
 3 cooked beetroots
 1 butternut squash
 100 g halloumi (or feta)
 Garlic
 Spinach
 Thyme and coriander
 Salt and pepper

 Olive Oil

After removing the seeds of the squash, tart roasting the beetroots and butternut
squash with the spices in the oven for 30-40 minutes (you don’t really have to look
after them, so you can do anything during this time). Right before they are all ready,
fry the halloumi cheese and the spinach and drizzle with olive oil. Once everything is
done, mix it all together, and it’s ready to be served.

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