Finally Getting out of my Comfort Zone

Coming into 2018, I somehow knew that it would be the year that my life would change for the better. There have been many setbacks and life-altering experiences yet it wasn’t until I really started to choose my own way, that my life started to manifest the desired changes for myself and my life that I wanted.

Living in a System I did not Belong

For so long I was living in a system I didn’t belong, working jobs I could never see myself staying on, and “tolerating” things I just simply did not want, or things that people wanted for me while wanting something entirely different for myself. So you are maybe wondering what changed and what have I done to entirely break the cycle, and change the course of my life?

Questions I had to ask myself

Simply put, I decided that the things that I wanted for myself and my life mattered. I began to ask myself the questions  like, “What is it that I want? And what my best life looks like for me.” I wanted something unique, unconventional and was determined to make changes even if it meant me walking away from a job, etc…

Living on YOU Terms!

What I will tell you is … THATS LIFE! Defining and painting this beautiful canvas of your own life down to your day to day. I mean for me is euphoric… since moving from living life in “Corporate America” and society’s terms, I’ve been able to change my own life to mirror that which I want for myself. I found making sound decisions, though many times understanding decisions won’t come with the support you may feel you want, it’s important that you do what’s truly best for Y-O-U!

When I decided to move and act on my own terms through faith, I begin to experience rapid change in my life. Becoming comfortable being uncomfortable really helps too. But if I am transparent, this isn’t always easy. Begin to value and validate yourself and the things that you want for YOU simply is life-altering. You only live ONE life so you want to ensure it’s the best one right?

People will try to tell you what you need or should do. Though they mean well, you are essentially the creator of your own life and terms you live by. What’s the difference between you and me you may ask? Decision. Deciding to make a change even without a fully worked out plan… Let’s be honest, no plan is ever one set in stone. You must be willing to do and try things that others may have never done before.

Live outside the lines… I want to use this platform to challenge and encourage others to live their best lives and to live on your own terms!  Those who desire change beyond the conventional standards. Who desires to live a life entirely different from the one you are in now. I want to help you find the courage to Do things your own way…Even in the mist of being unsure. Besides, when you really take a hard look at life, and ask yourself who’s really making the rules anyway? Have you stepped out and done something completely out of your comfort zone? Perhaps you are feeling fearful of change? Share with me your story….


What I will say is that I’m not all the way where I want to be just yet, however, I feel more on track now than ever before. I wake up full of gratitude, and happy daily! (YES! This is possible!!) I choose a life of positivity, passion, forgiveness, and love. I use to think that my dreams were far too big and so far from my reality. But through the power of manifestation, prayer, and patience, I’ve been able to draw my dreams into my own reality. I am so grateful for my new path and all the new opportunities that are to come.

I will share more from time to time as to this new journey of great achievements and new opportunities continue to unfold.

Have you personally experienced having to simply step outside your comfort zone? Share your experience with us below and how had that decision changed your life.

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  1. Gracina Cabanog
    Gracina Cabanog says:

    Really love this post! I felt like we all should discover things we all know we are capable of doing. Explore things outside of our comfort zone and live the life we always wanted to have one that makes us happy.


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