Its Travel…My Way!

With the huge growth of tourists, we can sometimes hear local people and capital cities
complain about tourists “ruining” popular sites and the authentic feeling of a place. While a
part of me agrees, traveling is probably one of the best and most effortless eye-openers
people can experience – and if you want to try a new flare during your travels and truly
explore the place do it the Amber way!

My Travel Tips:


I. Say goodbye to tourist guides: you don’t need books and planned tour guides to
enjoy yourself. I believe in finding those hidden places that have a more
authentic feeling, whether it’s a vintage art gallery, bookshop or a restaurant
with a gorgeous balcony.


II. Don’t be afraid to socialize with locals: even if you don’t speak the same
language, make an effort to learn words and useful phrases and try
communicating with them. They can definitely recommend the true hidden
treasures, nearby villages or beaches that you shouldn’t miss out!


III. Be very respectful and open: learning about different cultures is one of the things
I enjoy most during traveling. Seeing how different backgrounds, religions and
completely new environment change people’s views and lifestyle is very
fascinating, and something that’s worth exploring.


IV. Switch up the regular gift ideas: and bring back something that has a real
meaning instead of a fridge magnet. Look for local art postcards or local
designer’s creations, which will make you remember your trip forever.

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