Life… The Update

Well, with so much that is going on, I am still grateful to have been living an amazing life. Despite many changes these past few weeks, I’m optimistic with the idea that every change progresses to reach my ultimate goal(s).


This personal blog is like a therapy where I can relay my thoughts in hopes to help other women who may be dealing with similar situations – those who can relate to my own experiences. As I continue to face life’s day-to-day challenges and “hurdles,” I’m still able to find gratitude knowing that frustrations won’t last a lifetime though things may not be what I’ve been “expecting.”


Recently, I have been working on transparency in all areas of my life. Understanding things don’t change unless I change. For so long as I think of success as something that naturally flows with hard work. Though this is true, I am learning that real sustainable success comes only when YOU decide to make the changes within yourself. At any point regardless of what others may be doing, I will consciously commit to making adjustments suitable for me… and my life. No outside energies or circumstances would “determine” what the change(s) should be.


This is just another big leap for this life-changing season of my life. Its funny as overcoming many of my previous accomplishments is sometimes surreal even to me. One thing’s for sure… it is NOT EASY! Indeed, life has its indefinable ability to show you what you’re really made of. Life’s setup motivates, and sometimes, pressures you to pass through a series of “phases” before you can say “I’m successful.” There were days I thought I would not make it through but thankfully I did and remain positive to hit my final destination.


It came to a point when I just was to share thoughts through writing. Pardon my incapacities as I’m still on a working progress, making adjustments one at a time. Still doubting how this will reach you yet I’m highly motivated to pursue. Yes, it can be overwhelming and isolating due to the emotional and financial strain of all the process. And being a woman in a male-dominated industry myself, it can really take a toll. I can honestly say though that I’m now an entirely different person than I was a year ago. To be fair, there are still moments of questioning whether it’s “all worth it” and if I’m making things right especially because the tangible results are yet unseen. I am also learning to focus success based on my own views and perceptions.


“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: the courage to continue is all that counts.”

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