When Life Doesn’t Go the Way You’ve Planned…

Ever felt like you’ve hit a rut in life? Or perhaps, you’ve lived yourself into a dead end and don’t know which way to go from there… Fret not, the […]

Why write this blog?

AmberChriste.com started out of a need to start chronicling my life’s journey a bit better. I’ve always been a great fan of journaling – I’ve done this often, sometimes to […]

A Slow but Steady Transition into Living the Life I Love


When it’s your time…. It is one thing to be unaware it is your time; it is another to recognize and live in it. As I sit here in this […]

Finally Getting out of my Comfort Zone

Coming into 2018, I somehow knew that it would be the year that my life would change for the better. There have been many setbacks and life-altering experiences yet it […]

Waxing vs. Sugaring Which one is Better?

I am particularly one who truly enjoys all things self-care. Whether that be a spa day – a day spent doing personal pampering- like hair, nails, etc… regardless of what […]