Melanin Glow up, Spring & Summer Makeup

My signature makeup is easy and glowy: unlike during fall and winter, I enjoy experimenting with pastels and bright berry shades with a light coverage and soft highlighter.


…I always use a gel moisturizer like to hydrate my skin throughout the day and shield it from the rest of the makeup and pollution.


The first step after moisturizing is foundation. I prefer a foundation that has a bouncy texture that doesn’t immediately sticks to the face. The Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation covers just enough without a cakey effect – it also glides on to the skin beautifully, so it’s a dream to work with (without any $100 brush needed).


Instead of a very visible highlight and contour, I prefer a lighter “halo effect” and give my skin a natural glow instead. For this, a larger highlighting brush and a soft powder highlighter works perfectly, and to get my signature glow, I dust the highlighter on the high points of my face, the cheekbones and bridge of the nose.


For everyday wear, I prefer a deep black mascara while staying away from eyeliner (to save the classic cat eyes for special occasions). This Maybelline mascara is a classic, and is great for keeping my lashes curled and super thick all day without clumping up.


Following the less is more philosophy, I add a rose cheek and lip tint that brightens up everything even more. This tint by Benefit is flattering and easy to layer, so I can get any result between a light rose pink and a bright berry shade.




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