Skin is in!

As a self-proclaimed makeup addict, you might be surprised to hear what one of my favorite beauty trends of 2018 is, so far.


The ‘no-makeup’ makeup look!

With more celebrity makeup artists opting for the barely-there, natural beauty looks for their clients, even more people are jumping on the trend. Now, more cosmetic lines are promoting their ‘lighter’ formulas with less ‘cake-face’ and more pro-glow looks in everything – from magazine editorial shoots to cosmetics ads.

This transformation is a beauty to behold, as makeup is less considered as disguise (cue all those memes about guys taking a girl to the beach on the first date *rolls eyes and flips hair*) and more about enhancing natural beauty.

This is great, certainly. But is this betrayal for some of us who rely on our trusted cosmetics to cover up that high school nightmare acne or hyper-pigmentation? Is this betrayal from the cosmetic brands in which we such trustily invested our coins? Well, that’s one way to look at it.

What I’d recommend is that you look at it from the standpoint that it forces you to start taking better care of your natural skin. You may even want to moving your monthly cosmetics investment to some or visit your local dermatologist for some help.

At the end of the day, you have to ensure that you take the best care of your skin – not just because that’s what’s in right now, but because that’s your foundation element right there. Furthermore, you don’t want to always have to apply a full face of makeup every time you have to go through the door, talking about how superman goes nowhere without his cape.

Show your skin some love! Over time, I’ll introduce you to some of my favorite skin-care picks – but shoot me a line and tell me what works for you! I’m always open to trying and learning about new products.

Xo, Amber Christe

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