Spring into 2018 with this style forecast

Spring into 2018 with this style forecast

According to the weatherman, it’s getting closer to that time of year when our favorite Uggs and swaddle-suits go back into hibernation – and the fun, flirty styles of spring come out to play! And trust me, Spring 2018 has loads of fun in store – with super flirty new trends and some comeback classics that are still evolving into some of this season’s signature pieces.

Sign on the dotted line

Whether big dots, small dots, pink spots or just pops (of colour *wink*), polka dots are one of the top trends this Spring. So don’t be afraid to get playful with these patterns with all-out dotty designs or just a classic polka-dotted collar paired with some cute solids for a classy-chic ‘fit.

Sweet pastels

Know what goes well with polka-dots?

Pastels. And that’s not just because the pair both start with ‘p’. So mix your bold green dots with creamy dessert-inspires hues and you’ll certainly be the most on-trend this season. Try mixing cool combinations like minty greens with melon for a fresh-as-fruit suit or pair classic rose and peach with classics like nude, cream and black for a more laid-back style.

Check me out!

Speaking of on-trend, all the spring fashion runways this year saw models clad in signature checked patterns of brands like Burberry and Balenciaga. Even if you’re not a fan of designer brands, this trend is definitely checking into the mainstream, with bold checked patterns being coupled with cool classic pastel palettes and bolder, risqué materials like faux leather, vinyl and plastic (a growingly popular trend too).

Fringe is in (again)

Sometime last year, this popular boho style element made a comeback, and everyone was on the fringe with their purses, skirts, tops and even shoes. Fringe has now proven that it not only has the power to come back into our lives – it’s also clearly here to stay for a while too!

‘A’ is for ‘Asymmetry’

You won’t err on any side of asymmetry this season with all the super-cute on-shoulder, off shoulder, up-down hemlines and slanting bob haircuts now flooding the red carpets and runways. This millennium classic has been refreshed and is also making a comeback for Spring 2018. Nothing off-balance about this style tick!

Ultimately, Spring 2018 is a beautiful collage of comeback kids and refurbished classics like Cinderella shoes and Princess Diana purses. Don’t be afraid to get dressy, show up and show out…at least, while the weather allows…

Xo, Amber Christe

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