Stand Out This Summer with Neon Nails

Summer is here. ‘Tis the season of splash and spunk and spark. My love for neon and bright colors reflects in all my summer choices- be it clothes, accessories or make-up.

Nail color is a big part of your personality. Chilling by the pool flaunting your favourite summer nail color is what cool evenings are made of. Summer shades demand a dash of sprightly cheer in nail colours. Bright fun bold-hued nail paint shades have flooded the market in a big way this summer. One is bound to feel mesmerized and confused by the plethora of choices out there.

I’ll share with you some of my favourite summer nail color picks-

Baby Lavender

A cute color to go with your summer outfit is the lighter shade of lavender. Just like the fresh morning glory flowers, this shade brightens up your nails in a very subtle way, without being over the top. I love the one from Sally’s that has just the right tint of purple to it. And it’s quite in my budget too!

Neon blue

The ink-blot neon blue nail color is a summer must-have. Cheerful and stylish, my nails ooze oomph when I’m wearing this sparkly nail paint. Most of the times, summer demands flowy light-weight flowery dresses in powder blues, greens and yellows, and this is one of the super cool choices to complement my summer outfits.

Neon pink

Who doesn’t love pink? Bright crimson, baby pink, plum- any shade of pink is my go-to nail colour for a party, and especially a neon pink one when it is summer time. The cute pink nail colour impresses not just me but my classy gang of friends too. Pink never goes out of style. Try this one out on your next summer date!

Have any fun colors you’re enjoying this summer? Share below!

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