Three Simple Ways to Get Your $h^t Together

Some people are just born organized – they make lists and set goals and targets and timelines and as far as you’re concerned, ain’t nobody got time for that. But deep inside your soul, you know that’s a lie, and you could actually benefit from a list or goal or two, right?


Well, whether organization is one of your innate abilities or a habit you have to train yourself into developing, the list of benefits in inexhaustible. So, as you go on the journey to your Bold Boss Life, I’d recommend you take this one up as something to learn, do and live. What’s even better…it’s not hard at all. Here are a few quick things you can do is start getting your $h^t together.


Write it down

Do you ever go to a restaurant and order twenty million things but the waiter with the forgetful look on his face doesn’t even have a notepad and reassures you three times that he’s got it? Yes, don’t be that person. If it needs to get done, write it down you can start with our FREE downloadable planner. If it needs to be remembered, write it down. Jot it down on a post-it, a napkin, a notepad or a pretty little journal you only keep because it looks like a great accessory for your outfits. Just imagine how mad you get when after repeating your order twenty million times, the waiter still comes without your entrée, the wrong dressing for your salad and Table #3’s drinks instead of your virgin daiquiri.


Just imagine if he’d just written it down?


Set timelines and targets


Along with those lists, start setting deadlines and targets for yourself. Sure, you want to lose some weight soon. But how much weight do you want to lose and by when? There’s seven days in the week, but someday isn’t one of them. And when you stand on the scale, it’ll probably never tell you that you weigh some pounds. So set SOME targets and goals and start holding yourself to it. Challenge yourself to meet your goals and celebrate when you do. Because nothing’s worth celebrating like when you set a goal for yourself and start smashing the crap out of it.


Don’t Procrastinate!


Yes, you’re so tired of seeing this one phrase everywhere. Now, get up and do something about it. Writing down your goals and setting timelines and targets will mean exactly diddly-squat if you don’t actually get up, get going and put in that work, honey. So don’t be sleeping on your dreams or kicking it outside of your goals. Once there’s something to be done, get up and do it. Later, tomorrow and probably next week are promised to no man – just today. So, let’s get going.


I know it’s not easy. I’ve been there myself, which is why I can tell you all this. I could speak at length about the disadvantages of procrastination, blah, blah, blah and bore you to death. But instead, I’ll give you a tool to empower yourself as a woman on the way to living her Bold Boss Life. Ready? Download this free planner I’ve created just for you and start getting your $h^t together.


Still having challnges organizing your life? I’m here to help! Drop a comment below or shoot me an email and let’s talk about how you can start setting and smashing your own goals.


XO, Amber Christe

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