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A fixture on my vacation bucket-list for the longest time ever, Thailand is definitely a stamp I will have to collect on my passport someday soon. Of course, when planning any vacation, it’s always important to do your research first. Having done that, let’s just say that if I were any more excited about this, I would already be on a plane to Bangkok, with my very own elephant ready to pick me up when I land.

We’re probably all familiar with the delectable curries and spices synonymous with the delectable Thai food we go out for on a Saturday night. That alone made me think that a trip to Thailand was just too exotic and unachievable – I was sure I’d break the bank.

But having done a little research, here’s what I found; between a little airplane ticket shimmying, wonderful exchange rates between the Thai Baht and US dollar, not to mention the affordable cost of living in Thailand, this exotic expedition could be well within reach with just a bit of saving!

Here’s a quick tip I found for those of us traveling from the US – save a buck (or a lot) by flying first to JFK or LAX, then flying from there to Bangkok. Once you’re there, you can use your Visa card in many places, but take advantage of the lovely US $1: THB $31.45 exchange rate and you could vacation in whatever level of luxury you prefer.

Don’t worry about the language barrier either – most people in the tourist areas speak English and are happy to teach you a bit of the native tongue if you’re so inclined. At least, that’s what I’ve heard from friends who have been to the beautiful place.

Given that I have so many key spots to visit, I want to travel there during the dry season, which is typically April to November. My must-see spots include the Thai Islands, Pai, Railay and, of course, Chiang Mai for the culture. I’m definitely going with a light suitcase as well, as I hear that the shopping malls and outdoor markets in Chiang Mai are just waiting to wrap me in retail therapy.

Have you been to Thailand before? Please, tell me all about your experience. Any tips for a future traveler?

Xo, Amber Christe

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