Waxing vs. Sugaring Which one is Better?

I am particularly one who truly enjoys all things self-care. Whether that be a spa day – a day spent doing personal pampering- like hair, nails, etc… regardless of what it is, I am one that’s totally for caring for myself as a woman! So, when I heard about this new thing called “sugaring” as an alternative to traditional waxing – I just had to try it out!

Whether you prefer waxing or sugaring it’s really a personal preference. I personally wanted to take a chance and give sugaring a shot, especially after hearing how much healthier it is in comparison to waxing. Well, I will tell you, after my experience sugaring, I am forever committed to the sugaring experience! Why? You may ask, well first off being the daredevil that I am, I found that the process was a lot less painful (ok, this isn’t to say that it’s a walk in the park, but the pain doesn’t seem to last as long as a traditional wax). I went for the Brazilian sugar wax,  so during this particular experience, I found the results left me a lot smoother, a lot softer as a result than the traditional way of waxing.

Prior to going in for my sugaring, I did exfoliate the skin 2 nights before to avoid irritation. I was able to schedule my appointment online with the Organics Sugaring Center located in Bethesda, Maryland. Making things very simple.

The process hurt! I mean, if I am honest the pain is almost the same as waxing – however, if you manage to make it through the first session, the others to follow will be a cake walk. It really just depends on your pain tolerance.

I have to thank Nita, at the Organics Sugaring Center, in Bethesda, Maryland who really did a wonderful job in walking me through the sugaring process, and all her support as she guided me through. This place is amazing! Ensuring to get you in and out in no time flat!

What is Sugaring?

“Sugaring is a form of hair removal that resembles waxing but is gentler on the skin and is all-natural (only sugar, lemon juice, water, and glycerin),” explains Tummala. “It dates back to the civilizations of ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Greece. Sugaring tends to hurt less than waxing because it pulls less on the skin while still effectively removing the hair. This also means that you will have a lot less irritation and redness. In addition, the weight of the denim cloth used in our salon for the sugaring gel helps reduce some of the pain.” – https://www.byrdie.com/sugaring-vs-waxing

Ingredients for Waxing vs. Sugaring

There is a difference between the substances that are used for the two processes.

  • Sugaring uses natural food-grade ingredients like sugar, lemon juice, water, and sometimes essential oils, salt and/or honey.
  • Waxes are made primarily of resins, which may be natural ingredients like beeswax, honey, and essential oils. But you’ll also find artificial fragrances, dyes, chemicals, and preservatives in most of the waxing formulas on the market today.  – https://www.liveabout.com/sugaring-versus-waxing-1717098

My 2-Week Update

So far, the results still stand! I have not experienced any ingrown hairs or regrowth as of yet. I still find that I am VERY pleased with my results!

As I continue, I am creating and exploring all things women. I think it is important that every woman has some degree of a self-care routine. That doesn’t necessarily mean you must go broke doing so either. There are a few things that you can do that costs little to nothing

My Current Self-Care Regimen Includes:

Weekly Charcoal Mask – I love this and probably one of my favs on this list! I love a charcoal mask – a great way to unwind after a long day.

Bath and Body Scrub –  Also a great way to end a long day, simply soak in a warm bath (adding a bubble bath of your choice) following your soak, doing a body scrub. This I tell you feels AMAZING!

Reading a Book – I love to read! I enjoy reading mostly early in the mornings before I begin my day!

What ways do you decide to wine down?? What do you consider to be essential to your own self-care routine? Please share with us below!

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