What’s up with Me?

As someone who aspires to inspire the people around me, I could sit here on a daily basis weaving you dresses from the fabric of the Emperor’s New Clothes and calling on Dearest Fairy Godmother to give you a makeover which expires in a few hours and leaves you shoe-less and bae-less at the end of the night. Neither of which, might I add, are anything to look forward to.

But Fairy Tales are not my style…I’ll leave that to Hans and the Brothers Grimm.

I’m no Cinderella, but my days are spent working and trying to build and grow a business, while my nights are tirelessly consumed with getting this blog up-and-running for my fellow Bold Boss Ladies. I’m also in the middle of working on a book, so it’s a huge balancing act for me as I have a number of projects running simultaneously.

So no, I don’t have it all ‘made’ yet and to be very honest, I’m still very much a work in progress, with progress being the ultimate keyword here.

Why is it so important?

Well, most of us are a work in progress, and that’s a big part of what this blog promises to highlight. I’m not here to ‘sexify’ success – I want to strip it down so that we can see all the hard work, challenges, balance, faith, hope and failure that lie behind the glitz and the glamour. I don’t aspire to be an inspirational speaker either, who paints dreams of positivity and success only. I aim to help you to see the big picture, and find out exactly where you fit into it.

That, I believe, can only be done by sharing my own journey towards self-discovery, acceptance and understanding with you. That’s also why this blog is a no-judgement zone…a safe community to share your thoughts, desires, fears and good news without any fears. So often we don’t realize the importance of friendship and networking and we try to do everything ourselves.

That’s something even I’ve been guilty of, admittedly. But it wasn’t until I opened up and welcomed help from others around me that I was able to see growth in my own life. Which brings me to another big issue I had. I used to be very impatient with myself – and if I’m honest, I’m still getting used to accepting that everything doesn’t happen overnight.

Point is, I’ve seen and learnt a lot and I’m ready to share. This could have been a journal I write and stick it in my desk drawer, never to be seen by another soul. But I can’t imagine how unfulfilling that would be, so I’ve chosen this forum to express myself and commune with like-minded souls.

This isn’t ‘just’ a series of posts either. I want to be here with you in all your moments, helping to celebrate the wins and soften the setbacks.

Need to talk? Feel free to leave a comment, shoot me an email or just say ‘hey’ – I want to hear from you.

XO, Amber Christe

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