When Life Doesn’t Go the Way You’ve Planned…

Ever felt like you’ve hit a rut in life? Or perhaps, you’ve lived yourself into a dead end and don’t know which way to go from there…

Fret not, the feeling is far less uncommon than you might think. So many people get up and wonder why life is going as planned, while others simply feel like they’ve run out of options and don’t know what to do next.

What’s worse, you can’t figure out why the career you so diligently chose and prepared for in high school is not something you want to do anymore, although you were sure back then that being a professional dancer or high-powered attorney was going to fulfill you for the rest of your life.


You’ll be happy to know, however, that that’s just another one of life’s stages. It’s as inevitable as death and taxes. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to prepare for or prevent these ruts in your life.

Prepare for change

First things first, you need to understand that life is no Sweet Valley High. Anyone who told you that is a Pretty Little Liar and you probably need to just grow up. Here’s the thing, life changes faster than you can say WTH…so you have to constantly be preparing for change. That’s why the career you thought you would have till death isn’t working out ten years later and you can’t compete with the little yuppies coming in with their IT Degrees and brash behavior.

Get over it! You have to ensure that you never stop learning and getting yourself ready for the next stage of your career. Go back to school, take some courses, watch YouTube and learn something new, ask one of those yuppies how they do that…but never stop preparing for the next level. You’re probably not a fortune teller – and the only crystal ball you’ve ever owned is those hand-me-down earrings from your great grandmother. So stop trying to figure out the whole future all at once. Just make sure you’re ready to go with the times.

Quit procrastinating

This is probably one of the dirtiest ‘p’ words ever; and the sad thing is, we all fall victim to it sometimes. ‘I’m gonna start the gym next week’ or ‘I’m going back to college someday’ or ‘I’m gonna apply for that job next year.’

What ever happened to ‘right now’, ‘today’, ‘this very minute’?

Wait, before you say it – ‘I don’t have the money right now’, ‘I don’t have the time right now’ or one of my personal favorites, ‘I’m just not ready yet’. I know, I’ve heard them all before, even from myself. And you know what, it’s a load of something negative.

There are courses online – sign up today. Don’t wait for next week, get up an hour earlier and get to the gym before work today. Get ready, or life’s going to pass you by.

Be ready

You’ll probably never be part of the lucky (non-existent) minority whose lives turn out to be exactly as they pictured since they were a child. Since that’s the case, you have to be ready for the curve balls life throws at you – it’s one heck of a pitcher. So, question yourself, up skill, never stop learning and don’t be afraid to try new things. You’re not out of luck, skill or opportunity until you kick the bucket. So, until then…grab life by the horns and live your best one.

Xo, Amber Christe

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