Why write this blog?

AmberChriste.com started out of a need to start chronicling my life’s journey a bit better.

I’ve always been a great fan of journaling – I’ve done this often, sometimes to the point where if I missed a few days, I started feeling really lost. You might then ask why I’m writing on the internet then instead of inside a pretty little journal with some cookie-cutter motivational phrase on each page.

I’ll tell you why—I wanted more out of life than just selfishly writing my thoughts and lessons into a book no one might ever read. To me, it started to feel like some of my stories would do someone else some good if I shared them in a space with other people like me. I’ve lived a heck of a life so far and I’ll tell you this; keeping all these stories to myself would just be like planting a seed in a velvet-covered jewelry box and expecting to grow a ten-acre botanical garden.

Don’t get me wrong…journaling is great for self-development and stress relief. But with blogging, I can share with real people who live in the real world, like me. We can exchange our life’s learnings and grow together, challenge each other to be better and support each other in times of need.

In addition to being a unique way to document my life, thought and personal journey, it’s a huge creative outlet for me. Sometimes, I have so many ideas and no way to filter them or make use of them and that’s where blogging comes in handy. Plus, when you can get instantaneous feedback from you, that just makes blogging all the more worthwhile.

So, I’m very happy for this opportunity to connect and share with you in this way. I want us to grow together—life’s journey can be very challenging as a human being—especially if you have to do it alone. It’s always better when you have a support system that you can lean on, vent to, and get advice when you need it.

So please join Team AC, and let’s help each other to build and start living the lives we love…and deserve! Don’t forget to subscribe so that you can always be the first to know about new posts on AmberChriste.com. Plus, be generous with your feedback – leave me a comment or send an email to me@amberchriste.com so we can stay in touch.

Xo, Amber Christe

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